The Russian Church will honor the memory of Metropolitan Laurus

The Russian Church will honor the memory of Metropolitan LaurusClergy and laity will honor today the memory who died 40 days ago, first Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR), Metropolitan new York and Eastern America Laurel."By definition of the Synod of bishops, on this day, the commemoration of the reposed first Hierarch of the Russian Church abroad will be made during the Great entrance at the divine Liturgy of Holy Thursday, a solemn memorial service on remembrance Sunday," reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the official website of the ROCOR.Radonitsa - Tuesday of the week following Easter, is considered the date of the annual all souls ' Church. Fortieth day of the death is celebrated specifically because, according to the teachings of the Church, for 40 days after death his soul is preparing for the coming judgment of God. It is believed that from the first to the third day the soul of the deceased is in the field of his earthly life, from the third to the ninth - watching Paradise, from the ninth to the fortieth - hell, and on the fortieth day is determined by where the soul of the deceased will remain until the judgement day.Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II, responding yesterday in Moscow to journalists, said that he prays for the repose of Metropolitan Laurus.Metropolitan Laurus was a man of prayer, and his life's work was the signing of the act of canonical reunification with the Moscow Patriarchate, Alexy II said. According to him, the Metropolitan has done a great job".The act of canonical communion with ROCOR-Moscow Patriarchate, restoring the unity of the Russian Church after years of separation, from the revolution, Civil war and the godless Bolshevik rule was signed by Metropolitan Laurus and Alexy II on may 17, 2007 in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior.What did Metropolitan Laurus, will continue, said the Patriarch.The restoration of Church unity means the overcoming of enmity and disunity of the Russian people living in Russia, and the descendants of the white Г©migrГ©s who fled their homeland for more than 80 years ago. Now, the clergy and laity of the Russian Church abroad and the Moscow Patriarchate together make the communion and other Church sacraments. Being away from home, the faithful visit the temples each other.The Russian Church abroad has 11 bishops, nearly 300 parishes and 20 monasteries in different parts of the world. Most of the parishes located in America, Australia, Germany, France and some other countries of Western Europe.Metropolitan Laurus died March 16, at the feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy at Holy Trinity monastery in the U.S. city of Jordanville on 81-m to year of life. Source: the Russian Church will honor the memory of Metropolitan Laurus.

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